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Beginnings of CalligraFilipino

While I was working in Japan and training with Japanese calligraphy, I was inspired by the their high regard for their writing system, as well as their love, and respect, for their culture in general. During this time, I had lots introspective moments. Most of them were about questioning my patriotism. I was always nationalistic and had utmost love and respect for Filipino culture. I asked myself, if I indeed this was true, why was I working for a foreign company, in a foreign land? Why am I using my skills and talents for the benefit of another culture, when I should be uplifting our own.

Top: Japanese calligraphy of my first name, "Ian" | Bottom: with Japanese calligraphy sensei, Haruyo Fukuoka

I quit my job and went back home.

Since then, I have been using my talents in art and design for our own culture in the form of innovative calligraphic fine art renditions of Baybayin, the ancient Filipino writing system.

This is my advocacy that I call CalligraFilipino; a portmanteau of Calligraphy and Filipino. It is a term I coined for my self-developed style of Baybayin fine art calligraphy that draws influence from elements of Filipino culture, such as our ancestors’ royal garbs and jewelry, the Maranao’s Okir, the Pintados.

It is my dream to see traditional Filipino culture flourish today; for it to rise beyond its colonial confines, for it to thrive and display all its splendor.

Let us move towards strengthening the Filipino identity.

Let us instill pride and passion for our own.

Let us show the love and respect our culture deserves.

Join me in my journey as we showcase the greatness of traditional Filipino culture through CalligraFilipino.


CalligraFilipino / Baybayin fine art calligraphy is the modern interpretation of our ancestral writing, taking inspiration from our traditional culture.

Baybayin Art by Taipan Lucero

All rights reserved

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CalligraFilipino - Baybayin Fine Art Calligraphy by Taipan Lucero | Manila, Philippines

All rights reserved

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