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  • Taipan Lucero

Bridging nations through culture and art!

In a few weeks I will be doing my first of many future collaborations with the Iranian embassy to the Philippines. Iranian calligraphy and Iranian artists have been inspirations of mine, among others Mohammad Ehsayi, and of course all the amazing artists I follow here on Instagram.

- with Cultural Envoy of Iran to the Philippines, Mohammad Jafarimalak, and artist Tandis Taghavi.

Tandis recently did a very inspiring showcase wherein she used her expertise in calligraphy art (usually for Quran verses) to write about Mary (Jesus' mother), who they also recognize as a blessed virgin. This symbolizes the ties between Islam and Christianity. She also emphasized the importance of using striking visuals to spark interest and aid in preservation of ancient culture; a sentiment we both agree on.


CalligraFilipino / Baybayin fine art calligraphy is the modern interpretation of our ancestral writing, taking inspiration from our traditional culture.

Baybayin Art by Taipan Lucero

All rights reserved

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