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Google as a partner of nationalism and preservation of culture

In our Philippine ancestral script (primarily Baybayin) chat groups, which comprise of staunch advocates to casual fans and everyone in between, we use abandoned / unupdated keyboard apps just so we can exercise our minds and fingers while celebrating our real culture in modern times.

Thankfully those dark ages are over because @google came out with Baybayin, Buhid, Tagbanwa (Aborlan), and Hanunuo options on#gboard!!! The user interface and experience they created is a step up from the old apps we used. Instead of following the traditional keyboard layout, Gboard's layout is clean and symmetrical - 9 buttons - 3x3 - on the left, and on the right, with a column of 3 buttons in the middle reserved for the kudlit and pamudpud options! After pressing a character, the keyboard automatically shows kudlit and pamudpud options of said character in the middle. I personally find this easier in contrast to older apps which have static buttons for kudlits and pamudpuds.

In addition,@google also introduced#Cebuano on Word Lens, a feature on Google Translate, which gives instant translation via camera. Simply point your camera at words you want translated, and via an augmented reality-like interface, the translated words appear on your screen. This amazing tech currently works on Cebuano and Tagalog.

Grabe, ang saya ipagdiwang ang ating kabihasnan. Salamat Google!

Mabuhay ang ating kultura!

Salamat sir Mervin for the opportunity!

Google Philippines Baybayin CalligraFilipino group photo
Google Philippines aids nationalism

Taipan Lucero shares insights on Baybayin / CalligraFilipino

I also conducted a CalligraFilipino - Baybayin workshop / crash course which I hope was fun enough for everyone.

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