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Iran and Philippines calligraphy exhibit - Art as a Harbinger of Peace Among Nations

"Kapuwa, Charity" (Kapuwa in CalligraFilipino - Baybayin, surrounded by Charity in Nastaliq)

By Dr. Tandis Taghavi and Taipan Lucero

Art as a Harbinger of Peace Among Nations

Bulwagan ng Dangal, U.P. Diliman

October 13, 2018 - Iranian National Calligraphy Day

Through this exhibit, not only are we celebrating the friendship between our two countries, more importantly we communicate the importance of art in preserving and celebrating culture.

We all know that Iran has such a rich and powerful culture, which is rooted in their appreciation and propagation of art. Though I have not yet been to Iran, I had the pleasure of seeing first hand at the Iranian Embassy, some of the most intricate works of art in the form of handpainted vases, wood carvings, and of course calligraphy, and especially Dr. Tandis’ calligraphy.

From a Filipino’s perspective, it is mesmerizing to see Calligraphy being celebrated the way Dr. Tandis and Iranians celebrate it, because we Filipinos we don’t do it. In comparison, our Iranian brothers and sisters they celebrate their writing, they celebrate their alphabet. As proven by this day as well, the National Calligraphy day. They show their writing system so much respect, they decorate it with intricate patterns, they illuminate it with gold --- and when I say gold, I mean real gold --- not gold leaf, or gold paint, that is an example of how they greatly honor their culture, they show it love.

This is something we Filipinos can learn from. And this is what I try to aim for through my artworks. I want to show the world how beautiful our culture is, how beautiful our writing is. Hopefully this exhibition and our Iranian brethren’s love for their culture, may inspire us to be more loving and caring of our culture by celebrating, propagating, continuing it.

(c) Taipan Lucero CalligraFilipino / Baybayin calligraphy

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