Welcome to the CalligraFilipino


Each art piece is a significant word or concept

executed in my self-developed style of CalligraFilipino (Baybayin calligraphy),

influenced by elements of Filipino culture,

the Lingling-o fertility charm of the Ifugao,

the repeating tattoo patterns of the Pintados,

the colorful curvilinear Okir of the Maranao, among others.

Happy viewing! (Swipe right or left to switch between images)

For commissions, contact me at: TaipanLucero@gmail.com | +63915 982 7666

What style?


Gold series

CalligraFilipino / Baybayin calligraphy inspired by our ancestor's wealth and power exhibited through their intricate gold jewelry


Colored series

CalligraFilipino / Baybayin calligraphy inspired by the Maranao's Okir, Sarimanok, Adarna, and other colorful traditional cultural elements


Traditional calligraphy

Handwritten CalligraFilipino / Baybayin calligraphy