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Uplifting our culture

Over a year ago, I had the honor of being a speaker at Sulyap sa Quiapo lecture series, alongside champions of Filipino culture, Leo Castro, and Teresita Obusan. We shared our ideas and our work on how to promote and uphold Filipino culture.

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My then platform, Maharlika Life, was an outlet for my self-developed Baybayin calligraphy style. It was a amalgamation of different mini projects, such as commissioned art pieces, apparel --- shirts, caps, as well as digital and traditional calligraphy. I believe it was well received by a segment of our society that appreciates our traditional culture; garnering over 25,000 followers on social media within 6 months of its existence.

From here on out however, my passion for uplifting Filipino culture will not be under Maharlika Life. It will manifest under my artist name and banner Taipan Lucero / CalligraFilipino which will focus mainly on fine art paintings and exhibitions, with workshops and lectures sprinkled in.

Currently, I have several significant projects lined up for CalligraFilipino. Stay tuned!

Fingers crossed for them pushing through!


CalligraFilipino / Baybayin fine art calligraphy is the modern interpretation of our ancestral writing, taking inspiration from our traditional culture.

Baybayin Art by Taipan Lucero

All rights reserved

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